Driving global evolution by combining big data and AI

Solving social and corporate issues with data analysis and AI technologies

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About User Local

User Local is a data technology company that builds simple, powerful, large scale products for discover and growth.

To drive global evolution we accelerate product development and sales utilizing big data, AI, and other IT technologies.

  • Data analysis tools to support corporate digital marketing
  • AI chatbot to automate responding to inquires

AI Services

AI Support Chatbot

AI Support Chatbot is an AI tool that automates customer support operations and supports increases in efficiency and user satisfaction.

AI Support Chatbot would promote DX by automating helpdesk operations with AI. We have enhanced functions for DX promotions by strengthening coordination with external communication tools such as Teams and Zoom in response to rising demand for chatbots in the remote work and strengthening coordination with Google Calender in order to make it possible to change calender schedule with chatbots arrange meeting times.

The other new development of AI services

Character Analysis AI is an all-in-one AI capable of analyzing people’s actions, expressions, attention, voice, and other information in a cross-sectional, multifaceted manner.

Big Data Services

Social Insight

Social Insight is a social analysis and operation tool that analyzes social media data to improve the efficiency of SNS operations.

It supports a wide range of SNS services, and covers the data necessary for SNS marketing.

User Insight

User Insight is an access analysis and UI/UX improvement tool that supports analysis of PC, smartphone, and tablet users, and is good at visualizing user behavior using heat maps in addition to access analysis.

UI make it possible to visualize user movement with a wide variety of heat maps, such as which areas are being perused and which areas are being clicked on.

Anyone can easily find issues that cannot be discovered with numerical data alone.

Message from CEO

Masao Ito (Representative Director, CEO)

With Big Data × AI technology tackling the challenges of a rapidly changing society

The origin of “User Local” is from “/user/local”, a directory where various tools are stored in the hard disk. The other comes from the idea of “a company close to the user’s location. The latter meaning is more important to us.

The strength of our services is that they are always developed from the user's perspective.

The fields of IT and AI are constantly evolving, and while it is important to improve the accuracy of our services and create new products to keep up with these changes, it will not lead to customer satisfaction if the systems are only used by the system development vendors themselves as they pursue their research. We place great importance on providing services that are grounded in the needs we perceive in the course of operating the service.

Speed is the key to winning the market among competitors. Nowadays, chatbots are not uncommon for companies, but I think we commercialized them at a very early stage in Japan. In general, the success rate for new businesses is not very high, whether it is a large company or a venture company, but we set the criteria for commercialization as whether or not the idea will take shape within three months. If it takes longer than three months, the concentration will not last and the idea itself will become outdated. If three months is used as the standard, the underlying technology is considered from the established one. I am proud of the fact that the accumulation of such knowledge and know-how has led to the speed of product realization.

We have a vision of “Driving global evolution by combining big data and AI," and we believe it is important to be able to do things online with ease that were previously only possible offline, such as contact points for public institutions and monitoring systems for online university exams. Also, we respect experimental approaches as much as possible. Although there may not be a need for such services at the time, we provide many such services to society. Even if the service does not directly lead to sales, even if it is a free service, we can gain knowledge. If our customers use our services, we can get various feedbacks and build up our track record. This is what leads to our growth.

Company Information

Company Name User Local, Inc.
Representative Director Masao Ito
Foundation 2005/9
Capital 1,198 million yen ( as of June 30,2023)
Number of Employees Number of Employees 93 ( as of June 30,2023)
Stock Listing 2008 Releases “User Insight” access analysis tool
2012 Releases “Social Insight” social media analysis tool
2017 Releases “Support Chatbot” support operations support system
2017 Shares listed on TSE Mothers
2019 Listing changed to TSE First Section
2022 Transition to TSE Prime Market
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